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Researched thinkpieces on trends and current events. If there’s a bandwagon, I’m probably on it.

1802, Massachusetts

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Flash Fiction

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A personal visit from a bird of prey

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Flash non fiction

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  1. Its crisp, unblemished exterior and empty pages are a beacon of hope: the new bullet journal that will change your life, the brilliant words you’ll write, the groundbreaking art you will draw. This will be the notebook you tell your secrets to, the secrets that will draw readers into your fantastic world. This will be the notebook where you solve the unsolvable equation, where you name the fruit fly you’ve discovered. You will travel down the Amazon with this notebook on voyages of discovery. There are no masks or social distancing where this notebook will take you.
  2. It reminds you…

The price of fame

Aimee Semple McPherson by Albert Witzel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I now understand why Joan Didion wrote “The Year of Magical Thinking.”

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Flash Fiction

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Easy ways to beat the wintertime blues

Photo by Martha Himes

Piecing together the truth of childhood

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A Golden Age of Church Shopping

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Martha Himes

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